Here's what Stiff Pole records have to say about "Back From The Pink Room"
                     PINK LINCOLNS 

                 "BACK FROM THE PINK ROOM" 

               SPR016 CD/ Limited to 1000 L.P.

How many albums were recorded in 1987 that still have all 
the social relevance today? This 14 song album has been re-
released due to popular demand. Re-mixed and re-mastered to 
bring it right up to date on sound quality. The growling vocals 
of Chris Barrows ride again. Who can't relate to such timeless 
classics as Miami, I've Got a Gun and Velvet Elvis. The Pink 
Lincolns were the kings of "snot punk" in 1987, and still are 
today. It's all right here on "Back From The Pink Room" this is 
a timeless classic. Vinyl on the original L.P. was limited to 
1000 and they went fast. So hurry up and pre-order your copies
of the limited edition hand # to 1000 on starburst wax.What with 
bands like LESS THAN JAKE doing a tribute 7" of Pink Lincolns
songs, you know that the PINK LINCOLNS simply are "The Shit"
                    What are you waiting for? 
TRACK LISTING: "Miami" "I Got My Tie On" "Temporary Friends" 
"Age" "I've Got A Gun" "Mans Best Friend" "Suburbicide" "Victims 
Rights" "Not For Sale" "Black Circles" "Bad T.V." "Velet Elvis"
"Fuck Sex" "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"

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