Pure Swank

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  1. Loner
  2. Knives
  3. Rats
  4. Screaming
  5. My Car Is Gonna Kill Me
  6. Tourist
  7. Bad Love
  8. Riot Barbie
  9. Tarzan #2
  10. Regrets
  11. This Thing Of Ours
  12. Laughing Last
  13. Your Generation Sucks
Chris Barrows: vocals
Dorsey Martin: guitar
Paul Johnston: guitar
Kevin Coss: bass
Fred Stolz: drums
Chris Barrows, Dorsey Martin, Paul Johnston, and Bill Stevenson: backing vox
1997 Stiff Pole Records


LONER (barrows)
no friends no time i'm always getting blamed for crime
no more no guilt i'm living in a world that i've rebuilt

chorus: call me on the telephone
let's get together and be alone
'cause i'm a loner through and through
i guess that's why i don't need you

no need no way i used to be a runaway
no charm no shit i wanna be your opposite

repeat chorus

no love no room i think of you and see my tomb
no brakes no net a blindfold and a cigarette

repeat chorus

KNIVES (martin)
you had your say you had my friends
you went away that's how it ends
you were so wrong i hurt so bad
i wrote a song and now you're mad

i took it all and still shook hands
sorry if my song offends
every word i said was true
here's another song for you

words are tears words are knives
ugly mirrors of our lives
words release the pain inside
apologies for sharing mine

RATS (barrows)
i'm a rat in a cage got nowhere to go
i sit and stare time goes slow

this damn rat race
it's killing me
in my last leg

i'm a rat in a treadmill i'll run real fast
around and around i can't catch my ass

this damn rat race
it's killing me
the end of my rope

i'm a rat in a trap i feel the pain
there's no escape from my domain

this damn rat race
it's killing me
at my wits end

this damn rat race
it's killing me
i'll climb the wall

SCREAMING (martin)
i like to scream at work to pass the time away
when i'm driving home i'm screaming "get out of my way"
i really let one out when i answer the phone
everyone stopped calling and they leave me alone

chorus: screaming is cool i do it all the time
i'm a screamer and i feel fine

i scream and scare my girlfriend when she gives me a hug
then i scream at her chihuahua till it pisses on the rug
i've got a band to scream with, i guess i've got it made
i get to scream public and i even get paid

repeat chorus

when the sun goes down i wander through the park
i like to hear girls scream when i touch them in the dark
i like to sing this song when i wanna let off steam
this song is pretty stupid but at least i get to scream

repeat chorus

you'd do it too if you could scream like me
i like screaming cause screaming is free

my car's a motherfucker a real work of art
and when i try to drive it it wants to fall apart

it never drives a straight line it lunges and it jerks
unsafe at any speed because the breaks don't work

my car is gonna kill me

i think it's out to get me it's got it in for me
i see it in my driveway i know my destiny

my car is gonna kill me it'll be the death of me

it's like a bomb on wheels white knuckles start to swell
seat belts won't matter now 'cause we're driving straight to hell

my car is gonna kill me it'll be the death of me my car is gonna kill me

TOURIST (barrows)
gonna pack my suitcase cause i'm going far away
it's time for my vacation i'll be gone for 20 days

chorus: i'm a tourist and i feel the anguish
i'm a tourist and i can't speak the language

i'm gonna see the world i've been up all year
i'll throw away my money on stupid souvenirs
i'll send out fifty postcards to my friends so dear
i'll say i'm having fun and i wish you were here

there's one thing i just can't stand that's going
to a foreign land
everbody checks you cause they've got no
clue what your life is all about

i don't understand their money so they give me the shaft
i try to speak their language they just look at me and laugh (HA HA HA!)
they make me feel uneasy they smile when they offend
when they come to my country i'm gonna laugh at them

i'm a tourist and i feel the anguish
i'm a tourist and i can't speak the language
i'm a tourist i'm feeling so alone
i'm a tourist i wanna go home

BAD LOVE (martin)
i love to make you scream i love to make you sweat
burn my initials in your ass with a cigarette
i'll kiss you and i'll slap you and say i told you so
bad bad love's the only kind of love that i know

chorus: you can kick and scream and bite
cause baby that's the kind of love i like

you can spit in my face and grab me by the hair
i'll throw you out into the street in your underwear
you call me a son of a bitch and i'll call you a whore
then i'll kick your big fat ass right out that trailer door

repeat chorus

you tell me that you love me now i've got the proof
you're the only son of a bitch that's ever knocked out my front tooth
i'll kiss you and i'll slap you and say i told you so
bad bad love's the only kind of love that i know

RIOT BARBIE (martin)
all your friends are at the rave while you listen to new wave
i remember when your hair was green you'd go out just to be seen
stand around and look real bored come around when drinks are poured
yes we love your new hairdo now drop the act cause i know you

chorus: you get guys to buy you beer then pretend that you are queer
you have to lie about the stains on your plaid skirt and mary janes
riot barbie you're so real you're so lifelike
riot barbie can i take you home tonight

you've got tattoos and razor cuts the other girls all hate your guts
your red bob looks fine to me i think it suits you to a tee
your skin is so pale and soft your lipstick never kisses off
i don't think you're really bad but i wouldn't wanna be your dad

repeat chorus

you always seem to look so high you're kinda weird but so am i
you're the one i wanna kiss but you pretend i don't exist
when i see you sit alone if makes me wanna take you home
doesn't matter what i do i can't take my eyes off you

repeat chorus
mascara fingers down your face
pointing out the tears they chase
and tell me you don't have a clue
i just wanna be with you

TARZAN #2 (martin/johnston)
tarzan swings and tarzan falls to face the mighty lion's jaws
his knife in hand he gives a call and meets the deadly lion's claws

chorus: it's too much like you and me
i don't wanna see what i wanna see

tarzan swings he's barely dressed he hits the ground and beats his chest
his knife in hand he does his best to save the damsel in distress

repeat chorus

tarzan goes home to his tree with jane and cheetah chimpanzee
every day he faces death and has to smell a monkey's breath

repeat chorus

REGRETS (coss)
regret the girl i never slept with
regret the girl i ended up with
regret my unrealistic wishes
regret those really bad decisions

regret my useless education
regret that chance i should have taken
regret the things i should have done
and missing out on all the fun

chorus: i know there's things that i should do
i know there's different roads to choose
every chance i take every choice i make
i know i'm born to lose

regret my actions despite the cost
regret for all the time i've lost
regret i never made big bucks
regret that life it sometimes sucks

regret i might have caused some harm
regret the sound my alarm
regret the time i spent with her
regret it always reoccurs

we are americans
we like to play with guns
we'll point them at you
as we drive our cars

we blow things up sometimes
we make a living doing our crimes
we like to have our spam
with caviar

we like to bite the hand that feeds

we've gone beyond reproach
we eat our own- not a new approach
they say that all is fair
in love and war

we've got a lot of nerve
we spend from our reserve
it seems it's always close
but no cigar

we know that smokes gets in your eyes

our sex is clinical
we're so damn cynical
we order partners
out of magazines

we know no bigger joys
than sitting in our laz-e-boys
from birth to death 
and nothing in between

and nothing in between

i'm a sneaky low down man
if i can't get in i'll devise a plan
i'll pull a scam on anyone
i'm all grown up but i do it for fun

i've got money but i don't want to pay
just try to catch me i'll get away- you'll see

what you pay for i'll get for free
no need to steal when it's given to me
i fooled you once remember when?
let down your guard i'll do it again

it's so true with age comes wisdom
i love it when i beat the system- to death

the cost is free
i'm v.i.p.
i'll sneak right past 
and i'm laughing last

i've got money but i don't want to pay
just try to catch me i'll get away
it's so true with age comes wisdom
i love it when i beat the system

you grew up on mtv
and virtual reality
your shaved head looks like my ass
something better change real fast

chorus: i can't wait till you grow up
your generation sucks
you make me want to throw up
your generation sucks

you're ripping off the 70's
got no originality
your silly ass pants don't fit
your music sounds like shit

repeat chorus

you think polyester's cool
i wouldn't dress my dog like you
you've got a stupid friends hairstyle
your boyfriend looks like gomer pyle

repeat chorus

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