Suck And Bloat

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  1. Lower Yourself
  2. Brenda Song
  3. 3 Chord Song
  4. Stupid Me
  5. House of Cards
  6. Monsters
  7. Scratch And Sniff
  8. Smoking Monkey
  9. Let's Make A Deal
  10. Sleeping Song
  11. I'm Fond of You
  12.  INFO
    Chris Barrows: mouth 
    Dorsey Martin: guitar 
    Paul Johnston: guitar
    Jim Belogna: bass
    Fred Stolz: drums
    Greedy Bastard Boys Choir: backing vox
    1994 Stiff Pole Records
    LOWER YOURSELF (barrows)
    look around where do you fit? when everyone's a piece of shit.
    you've got a choice now pick your side. all you've got to do is slide.
    chorus:  lower yourself be like everybody else why 
    should they like you if you're not like everybody else
    if you wanna be like this they say that ignorance is bliss
    it's the trend it's so damn cool to be a stupid little fool
    repeat chorus
    when you go and dive head first then you're totally immersed
    it's so easy to conform and wear a loser's uniform
    repeat chorus Be like them
    BRENDA SONG (martin)
    you're poison with a bitter taste you're a gun pointed at my face
    every gesture, every pose are as funny as a clown's nose
    you're dirty game of chess wrapped in a tight, black velvet dress
    you clutch me with you're velvet fist you grab me by the heart and twist
    chorus: love hate perfect mate
     angel of misery
    love hate blind date
     angel of misery
    feed my sickness feed my pain love and hate both feel the same
    kill the light so much to say it's never said, we never like it that way
    i hate the tension, hate the the fear i feel so lost when you're not here
    my angel of misery, my love for you is killing me
    repeat chorus
    brenda's an angel brenda's a whore brenda's got it all but brenda wants more
    3 CHORD SONG (martin)
    gimme a song 
    a 3 chord song
    in 4/4 time
    so i don't get it wrong
    i'm gonna scream
    real loud
    spit my beer
    into the crowd
    i can't sing 
    i can't play
    it doesn't matter
    just as long
    as all you people pay
    STUPID ME (martin)
    i wasn't lonely but you got my attention
    you seemed to enjoy doing things that i won't mention
    i know the earth is round i know that pigs don't fly
    but i didn't know that everything you told me was a lie
    chorus: stupid me i didn't see just how ugly you can be
    when you no longer want to play you take your toys and walk away
    i hope you liked my friends i heard you had a good time
    enjoy new playthings they're no longer friends of mine
    stupid stupid stupid me i could have dated 
    the girl with the big lips the one you really hated
    repeat chorus stupid me.....
    HOUSE OF CARDS (barrows/stolz)
    i get up in the morning and i wanna stay in bed
    all those putrid memories are dancing in my head
    it doesn't do much good this contempt that i feel
    if my life was a game of cards i could call this deal
    chorus: i've had all that i can stand
    deal me deal me deal me another hand
    it never ever mattered what game i play
    it always seems to end this way
    i like to play sometimes but the stakes are high
    every time i ante up i feel like i might die
    i never get ahead but i keep on playing
    sometimes it drives me mad do you know what I'm saying?
    repeat chorus
    my house is a house of cards
    it won't take much to fall apart
    MONSTERS (barrows)
    when i was young i used to believe in monsters
    on my t.v., in magazines there's monsters
    at night i used to dream about them
    never did i ever doubt them
    when i was young i used to believe in monsters
    then one day i found out there's no monsters
    they're just lies to my suprise no monsters
    they're just made to help sell stories
    of graveyards, crypts, and laboratories
    damn the day i found out there's no monsters 
    absent for a while were the monsters
    i always frowned until i found the monsters
    i found that they're still here to grace us
    but now they're wearing human faces
    people are more hideous than monsters
    damn the day i found out there are monsters
    people are more hideous than monsters
    SCRATCH AND SNIFF (barrows)
    baby i want to take you home and get inside your pants
    i'll give you a taste of my romance
    i'll porve that my love is straight from the heart
    but there's a little way that i like to start
    chorus: scratch and sniff get a little whiff
    scratch and sniff you make me stiff
    i've been away from you for far too long
    i'll bet your little girl aroma is strong
    if you don't know just how you smell
    there's a little way you can always tell
    repeat chorus
    sometimes girls are a tasty dish
    did you know cavier comes from fish?
    mares eat oates and does eat oates
    but me i prefer the man in the boat
    repeat chorus
    SMOKING MONKEY (johnston)
    i don't work but that's ok
    i'm gonna get everything my way
    i get everything i need for free
    i just trade in my family
    i traded my wife for a brand new car
    i traded my cousin for a good guitar
    i traded my dad for a persian rug
    i traded my mom for a bunch of drugs
    i won't go thirsty anymore
    i trade my sister at the liquor store
    i'm so proud i don't have to steal
    if you want my daughter we can make a deal
    i traded my cousin for a pair of shoes
    i traded my grandma for a bottle of booze
    i traded my grandpa for some aftershave
    i traded my aunt for an oriental slave
    trading your family......
    SLEEPING SONG (barrows)
    i like to sing my sleeping song
    i like to sing it all night long
    it's just this little thing i do
    it's too bad if it bothers you
    if you get in too deep with me
    then you won't want to sleep with me
    my sleeping song my peccadillo
    so dig your head into your pillow
    chorus: i like to sing my sleeping song
    sometimes i sing it all night long
    i like to sing my sleeping song
    i'll sing it loud i'll sing it strong
    it'll make you sleep out on the couch
    it'll make you a sleepless grouch
    for so long now we've slept apart
    your earplugs were just a start
    i think that it's just jealousy
    of my nightly symphony
    repeat chorus
    I'M FOND OF YOU (barrows/stolz/martin)
    i like the way you do your hair
    i think that you're so debonair
    i like the way you roll your eyes
    even closed the hypnotize
    i like the way you like to walk
    on my outline made of chalk
    i like the way you smile at me
    i understand the irony
    chorus: i think i'm fond of you
    i wanna bond with you
    i think i'm fond of you
    this is the real thing
    i like the way you chew your food
    sophistication you exude
    i like the way that i'm your friend
    even if it's just pretend
    i like the way you wear me down
    wear me 'til i'm upside down
    i like the way you do your shoulder
    it's so cold it makes me older
    repeat chorus
    BABY MACHINE (martin)
    you're a burden on society
    you're a baby machine
    you've been spittin' out babies
    since you were seventeen
    your kids don't get enough to eat
    they barely survive
    but you've always gotten your
    cigarettes and colt 45
    chorus: baby machine can't control your sex
    baby machine quit spreading your legs
    baby machine always on the dole
    baby machine no birth control
    you found a place where you can trade
    food stamps for cash
    so you get a buzz 
    while your kids are eating trash
    you live in public housing
    and it smells just like a zoo
    instead of cleaning up
    you blame everybody else but you
    repeat chorus

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