Additional Discography Info

A little while ago I recieved this e-mail about Pink Lincolns discography info:

I grew up in Tampa and know those Lincolns characters, that's how I came
 upon yer page (wanted to see what those old guys were up to and this was
 just as easy as writing 'em.Can you believe that Chris has never had a
 phone AS LONG AS I'VE KNOW HIM!!!).Anyhow, about the discography, um,
 the original "Back From The Pink Room" had an all pink cover with a phot
 of a guy in a bed on the front and a photo of a guy dressed up like a
 mummy ironing (like clothes) a string of $$$ taped together.The idea was
 cool because it's a pink cover and one of the $ bills is a $5, which of
 course has Honest Abe Lincoln on it.Get it? Pink Lincoln.So...that was
 released by Chris under his label name of Greedy Bastard, in 1988, not
 1987, although it says 1987 on it.There was 1,000 of those made and a
 few years ago I found a bunch of those ones at a record store in Tampa
 for about $4 each.But the Lincolns weren't too popular then so I didn't
 get any extra copies.I know for a fact that the band doesn't have any
 more 'cause I remember Chris telling me once about 4 years ago that he
 sent the rest to Joe Vindictive to put in the Dummyroom when that first
 opened.Let's see, um, also there was a 7" for the songs "Cotton Mather"
 and "I Do" on Rigid Records which was from Tampa.This death metal guy
 named Vern put that out.That was 1989.It has a pink cover with a mouse
 about to get snapped into a trap on the front and a photo of the band
 hanging on a fence on the front.I dunno how many were made.Then there
 was the "Headache" LP which came out on Musical Tragedies in Germany,
 which is the German branch of EmpTy Records from Washington.The Lincolns
 have NOTHING good to say about M.T.They claim they got ripped off.So
 does every member of Crimpshrine that was on the "Lame Gig Contest" LP,
 which was also released by Musical Tragedies."Headache" came out in 1989
 or 1990, I don't remember.Mine's on pink vinyl, but I don't know if all
 of 'em came that way or not.The front has a photo still of this short
 film that Dorsey was in, he's a zombie.The back has a photo of the
 band.Musical Tragedies also re-released "...Pink Room" with a different
 cover, this time the front had a sonogram picture of siamese twins that
 are joined at the head (real photo).It's got blue letters with the left
 1/2 of the cover being black with the photo on it and the right side is
 white with the letters on that side.The back photo is of Chris with his
 infamous JFK shirt on.Um, again I don't know how many of these were made
 but, I do know that 300 of 'em were made on pink vinyl and labels that
 look EXACTLY like the "Headache" record.I've got on of these.Then there
 was a one-sided European promo 7" with the songs "Tourist" (the original
 version that's on "Headache") and "Family Tree" (also on
 "Headache").Don't know many many were made.I think that's all the rare
 Pink Lincolns shit.I did a comp tape years ago that had the original
 version of "Tourist" and (I think) "I've Got A Gun" and a live version
 of "Let's Make A Deal" on it.The comp was this really bad sound quality
 cassette of some bands from Tampa's (and surrounding) demos and live
 stuff, etc.Sorta like those Aaron Cometbus comps.

 I've got some flyers and shit, lotsa my stuff's in storage though, but
 what I do have I'll gladly send you scans of (once I figure out how to
 send photos via email) and/or copies and shit of through regular
 mail.You can write to me at my regular address if'n you want.I enjoyed
 the page.Take Care.


I suggest you write to him if you have any other questions.

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